"As I lay in the sarcophagus, thoughts race, 'I am laying where Moses laid in the house of Initiates, plus kings and pharaohs have lain in this very sarcophagus in the king's chamber.'" This title combines reality, fantasy, history, mythology, humanity, and spirituality into one exciting package. The content regarding Jesus' time in Egypt will be of interest to Christian scholars, but is not so heavy-handed to turn off those less spiritually inclined. All that is required to enjoy this title is a spirit of adventure and an open mind

The US Review of Books The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence

"I had an experience last year that almost stopped my heart. The very car I was driving slid backwards almost taking me off a cliff side road. I met Louise for just a minute, I had never seen her before in my life. Yet, she directed the tow truck driver and left a prayer on my message machine. Who she is as a human being is what I am writing about. A lady who finds strength in helping others, a caring woman who researches the Bible to give you facts. A knowledgable child of God. Enjoy spending time with her reading about her Indiana Jones type adventures in Egypt."

Steve Sakane, concept creator of the Batmobile

"Louise Toth, author: A treasure hunter of sorts, an accidental hero standing in proxy to those not fortunate to visit Egypt. With the zeal and curiosity of a Lost Ark action figure, you embark on her extraordinary journey to obtain, not artifacts, but self-immersion into more than 5000 years of Egyptian history. If you are looking for an adventurous vacation, take notice of this book. Without leaving your comfy recliner, your feet will touch the powder white sands of pristine beaches, your taste buds will relish in melt in your mouth kabobs and your imagination will wrap around the Great Pyramids of Giza. With quiet anticipation thump, thump, thump…hearts quickly fall in love with the indelible cast: they are likable, uplifting, smart, quirky and pleasant. Welcome to the land of lure!"

Megan Marriott, Publicist

Jesus Of Egypt

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